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From The Strip Club To The Temple began as an Autobiography of Wade Burt

·         Follow the story as Wade tells the story of his amazing life. Encountering the consequences of a life full of reactive experiences brought on by bad decisions with no goals and very little accountability, Wade meets someone who turns his life in a different direction. Prepare to be surprised at where they met - and where they wind up.

·         Learn the impact one person can have on a person's life as Wade and his wife jump into the "deep end" together and find happiness. Read as miracles begin to happen that cannot be questioned and that are the direct opposite of everything Wade believed.

·        Learn of Wade's conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the unexpected events that change Wade and his family - forever.

·         As Wade offers lessons derived from his life and what others might do to avoid the consequences, he suggests ways to apply those lessons to your life.